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The selection process will be open to the public, our readers and the wider community until nominations close on 11 March. They will nominate businesses and individuals in each of the six categories, or in individual ones, who they think are worthy of inclusion.

Following the public nominations period, qualifying family business nominees will be added to the jury’s personal recommendations and a long-list drawn up.

The long list will then be analysed based on the parameters for each category and a shortlist created of five companies per category.

The final vote for each category will be based on a points-scoring model whereby:

  • 3 points are awarded to each jury member's first choice
  • 2 points are awarded to each jury member's second choice
  • 1 point is awarded to each jury member's third choice

The winner will be the family business or individual that receives the highest number of points from the jury panel.

The following timeline will be followed:

  • 7 January: nominations open
  • 11 March: nominations close
  • 13 March: Long list drawn up
  • 27 March: Shortlist confirmed
  • 21 June: Winners announced

For more information on the categories and nomination criteria click here.

Please submit your nominations below. Companies are encouraged to provide case studies supporting their nominations to enable the jury to consider the values adhered to by each family and family business. These supporting materials should be sent to Campden Wealth editor Nicholas Moody:

To attend the gala awards dinner and ceremony, please contact:

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