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Reyl Private Office

With offices in Switzerland and in Luxembourg, Reyl Private Office offers individuals and families with complex wealth situations a combination of dedicated wealth advisory services, private secretarial functions and fiduciary services.

They enable their clients to devote their time to the enjoyment and continuation of their personal and business success, without any unnecessary worries or administrative distraction. Their purpose is to optimise quality of life of their clients.

Reyl Private Office goes well beyond the services offered by traditional family offices. The services comprise not only lifestyle, legal and tax advice, wealth auditing, asset consolidation and philanthropic advice but also specialised services in areas such as art or real estate.

Reyl Private Office comes back to the traditional approach of its business. Their specialists will assist, advise and provide the clients with a sense of security. The scope of activities of a private office extends to many disciplines requiring varied expertise.

They carry out their mission totally independently and transparently. The attachment to independence is such that they do not manage financial assets in their services so as to assist their clients more effectively. In this manner they avoid any conflict of interest and can guarantee that their service providers will be impartially selected.

Geneva, Switzerland

Reyl Private Office  62
rue du Rhone
Geneva 1204
Nicolas Duchene
+41 22 816 89 27
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