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Prosperity Capital Management Limited

Founded in 1996, Prosperity Capital Management (PCM) is today the largest Russia & CIS-focused asset manager in the World, with assets under management of circa $4 billion. PCM's international client base includes institutional investors, large family offices and Sovereign Wealth Funds from the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The firm has built a stellar reputation for its thorough, incisive research and "active" investment approach and is now a major shareholder in many of the leading companies in Russia, Ukraine and Central Asia. Pursuing a "long-only, unlevered" strategy, PCM's highly "active and activist" on-the-ground, Moscow-based, investment team have delivered exceptionally strong returns to investors since the firm's founding – with PCM's three flagship strategies having recently been recognised as world's top three performing funds over the last decade according to Morningstar data. The Russian Prosperity Fund – our flagship "blue-chip"-focused "fundamental-value" vehicle has returned 1,830% since its inception in September 1996, whilst maintaining weekly-liquidity. The Prosperity Quest Fund has returned 4,263% since inception in December 1999 – offering an annualised return of 44% whilst maintaining monthly liquidity.

PCM has achieved these returns by following its highly proprietary investment strategy and is proud to have never gated clients or imposed any other arbitrary restrictions.

London, UK

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