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To know thyself is to know who you are and who you will be through life, and at the end. It is being an expert in your unique body of knowledge. First know thyself and then be yourself, that you may live fulfilled. The homework is the focus required.

Focus on the primary question "who" and all the other questions fall out organically because you bring who you are to all your relationships and all you do.

Do you intend to. . . be the finest of who you are? . . . give your best in anything you do? . . . be fulfilled across life?

Would developing your ability to think for yourself help you be captain of your own ship?

Would developing the deep confidence within help you be a man for all seasons rather than one who merely wears a mantle of a confidence built externally?

Is the appreciation for life which inspires life long motivation the one you intend for your life?

"And since you know you can not see yourself, so well as by reflection, I, your glass, will  modestly discover to yourself, that of yourself which you yet know not of".  William Shakespeare

"The foundation for the biggest picture is the homework of know thyself". Karen Proctor

To think for yourself
To create your life
To live life fulfilled

The Homework of a Life Time

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