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Lombard International Assurance SA

Lombard International Assurance has been partnering with the advisers of high net worth individuals and institutions for over 20 years. Together we seek to create a secure future for our clients addressing their complex financial needs on a global basis. As a result, we are recognised as thought leaders in wealth structuring using life assurance.

We are the largest firm in our sector by assets under administration, with over 400 employees including more than 50 technical experts in wealth structuring, tax law and unquoted assets. We operate in more than 20 countries worldwide – across Europe, Asia and Latin America – covered by six offices with more to come.

Our business focus is purely on unit-linked life assurance used as a wealth structuring tool. With a healthy balance sheet, extensive network and proven track record, we can weather even the most challenging market conditions. Our knowledge and experience is key to solving high net worth individuals’ complex situations, with our main areas of expertise being:

· Wealth Planning
· Cross-Border Portability
· Non-Traditional Assets


Lombard International Assurance
4 rue Lou Hemmer,
L-1748  Luxembourg
Grand Duché de Luxembourg
(+352) 34 61 91-1
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