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Locus Capital Consulting

Locus Capital is an independent privately owned provider of specialist services focusing on building investment portfolios for high net worth individuals, family offices, and institutions. Acting effectively as a 'partner', Locus Capital creates transparent and cost effective solutions of the highest quality; whether a fund of hedge funds, an investable commodity index, or a multi-asset portfolio using both active and passive investments, Locus Capital only acts in the interests of the client.

The consulting partners of Locus Capital Consulting have many decades of direct relevant experience, and are fully acknowledged in their respective fields. As a result the firm can offer some niche services including, the pricing of gas storage, and the creation of bespoke investment indices.

Existing portfolios can also often benefit from a review regardless of performance. In the current climate stressed portfolios can be aided by our strategies for immunisation and optimisation.

Locus Capital also offers a comprehensive art advisory service to private clients and institutions, both familiar and new to the art and collectibles market, taking into account their investment requirements and aesthetic needs.

Our specialists favour universally appealing and novel art that anticipates future trends. Combining these can be very rewarding emotionally, intellectually, as well as financially.

London, UK

43-45 Portman Square
United Kingdom
+44 (0)20 7060 1962
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