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Continuity Family Business Consulting


Continuity helps clients manage the challenges and inherent conflicts of working and sharing together. Our approach is grounded in business expertise and leverages mediation, negotiation and family systems skills.  We recognize the importance of the continuing family relationships at every stage of our work. 

Sometimes, 'best practices' are not enough to help families struggling with the systemic conflicts that arise in family enterprise. Continuity works with stakeholders to help both their companies and themselves develop the skills, processes, policies and agreements to better manage these conflicts. Our goal is to help make family management, ownership, and governance strong assets to the underlying business and to make the business or shared assets positive forces for family success.  

Our client engagements include families and their businesses affected by all stages of conflict – from stagnation due to conflict avoidance through crisis resulting from active litigation.  

Continuity's professionals bring a broad range of expertise and a distinctly unique systems approach to managing conflict when important continuing relationships are at stake.  We believe that within the context of family enterprise, better decision making and managing conflict go hand in hand.

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Continuity Family Business Consulting
900 Cummings Center, Suite 413T
Beverly, MA 01915
Douglas  Baumoel
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