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Banque Morval


The Zanon di Valgiurata family is the main shareholder of Morval Vonwiller Holding SA, a group to which Banque Morval belongs. We are a Swiss company based in Geneva and Lugano, whose family ownership and values are the source of inspiration for our activities: financial independence and capital strength are just as important for the bank itself as for its clients. Our risk management strategies and performance horizon are fully aligned with the concerns of our clients: ensuring sustainable, long-term performance. 
Banque Morval is at the heart of a group with Swiss roots, whose activities are exclusively centered on private asset management. Complete independence in the decision-making process, personal responsibility and a strong client-banker relationship creates the atmosphere of mutual trust necessary for this service. 
We also propose a range of investment funds under the name of Willerfunds. Their management style aims at meeting the needs of individual investors. Organised under Luxembourg law with the so-called "European-passport". they are UCITS III compliant and are specifically aimed at harnessing opportunities at a comparatively lower level of risk. Emerging markets equities is an area of core competence. 
Both the group and the bank operate under the supervisory authority of the FINMA, the Swiss financial regulator, and publish an audited report. 



Rue Charles-Galland 18
1206 Geneva
Riva Caccia 1A
6902 Lugano
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