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Aston Pearl


Aston Pearl, "The family office for everything except money," has provided objective advisory to business-owning families and single family offices since 2002. The firm's areas of expertise include private staffing, aviation, art, jewellery, medical and eldercare. Aston Pearl's revenues are derived solely from client fees, which typically range from $400-600 per hour. The firm can also be retained for longer assignments. The initial consultation is always complimentary.
Services include:
Private staff best practices: improving efficiency and effectiveness
  • Recruiting, on-boarding, and ongoing staff organisation and management
  • Creating household and maintenance procedures manuals
  • Implementing consistent human resources policies across all staff and locations
  • Residential operations restructuring:  exciting Aston Pearl innovation
  • A systematic analytical process to reduce the cost of multiple residences, while simultaneously improving service levels and smooth operations
  • Reviewing all staff and vendor activities and costs, and comparing to our benchmarks. 
  • Renegotiating vendor contracts; outsourcing what is more efficiently performed by third parties, and insourcing what can be done more effectively internally. 
Art and jewellery
  • Discreet cataloguing, appraisal, purchase and sale
Private aviation advisory
  • Objective analysis of purchase, sale, lease, fractional and charter
Real estate searches
  • Discreet and thorough approach to purchases and rentals worldwide

New York, USA


630 Fifth Avenue
Suite 2000
New York
NY 10021
United States
001 212 289 6700
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