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February 1, 2002

In the first of a series of three articles Katharine Pulvermacher discusses why including a small proportion of gold in a family business owner’s portfolio can increase the weight of higher-return, riskier assets – while maintaining a constant level of risk

"It'll never happen to me" is not an effective approach to risk management. Family businesses are vulnerable to events such as changes in ownership, family affairs and commercial issues. While nothing can provide absolute protection against all eventualities, much can be done to manage the risk associated with the investment of family wealth. Protecting the family's assets against potential financial trauma is the responsibility of the family office. However, family members whose funds are being managed can benefit from understanding the methods used to safeguard their wealth.

February 1, 2002

Family businesses can profit from investing in hedge funds, but proper preparation and education is necessary in order to fully reap the rewards

This article is intended to provide the background for family business owners or family office investment staff considering investing in hedge funds.

The hedge fund landscape: background and definitions

January 1, 2002

In our guest editorial, Jean-Pierre Lehmann discusses family business as a major force in world economic prosperity for the 21st century

The next quarter-century could see either unprecedented wealth creation or economic and social cataclysms that could be potentially devastating. One of the criteria for determining whether the first scenario plays out will be the degree of robustness with which family businesses will emerge and fare in the developing economies. There is a lot at stake and a good deal that the industrialised world can (and should) do to facilitate and accelerate the process.

The state of the world economy

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