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August 26, 2010

Marc Smith analyses the trends

Just a few years ago they were analogous to the gluttonous charicatures in a Hogarth painting, but M&A deals have been on the equivalent of a corporate Atkins diet of late.

The biggest deal this year involves a family-controlled Indian business in the telecommunications sector with a price tag of $11 billion.

In sharp contrast, when we last covered the family business M&A story in the summer of 2007, the largest deal was a joint $96 billion bid for ABN Amro by the Botin family-controlled Santander group in partnership with RBS and Fortis.

August 25, 2010

The M&A market has been transformed over the last few years as the mega deals of the boom years have given way to more modest strategic transactions. Here are the year's largest M&A deals involving family firms

01 $11 billion Reliance Infratel's merger with GTL Infrastructure

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