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March 18, 2016

Real estate has had a strong run in recent years and has helped fuel buoyant returns among family offices, particularly those in Europe. Should a heavy weighting towards investing in property be sounding alarm bells moving forward?

Real estate is an emotional investment for many family office principals. Ask them to discuss their portfolios and they are more likely to tell you about their $10 million investment in a residential property than their ‘cash cow’ allocation to hedge funds. It’s the type of asset you’d expect to appeal to individuals who have built their businesses around family. But has the desire for real assets, particularly residential investments, caused an imbalance in portfolios?

November 20, 2015

Real estate was the best performing asset category for family offices, thanks to quantitative easing and low interest rates. But why is a home-market bias so strong?

Family offices prefer to invest locally for both commercial and residential property, despite an expectation that returns are higher further afield, according to The Global Family Office Report 2015

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