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  • KPMG Private Enterprise’s Global Family Business Tax Monitor 2023 compares the vastly different tax implications of transferring the family business through gifting during the owners’ lifetime (including on retirement) and through inheritance across 57 countries, territories and jurisdictions worldwide.

  • With the next generation of family members increasingly beginning to come into the workplace, family businesses are recognising the changes and challenges that succession may bring. New values and a strong focus on sustainability have implications for asset allocation, diversification and definitions of success, says KPMG's Tom McGinness.

  • Family businesses often possess a wealth of human and social capital that can be harnessed in many different ways. In particular, it is key to find the right path forward for the skills, interests and abilities of next-generation family members so that they can contribute and generate value, says KPMG's Tom McGinness.

  • In today’s challenging economic environment, family businesses are looking for ways to de-risk and diversify their capital strategies, as well as take account of the aspirations of the next generation of family members, says KPMG's Tom McGinness.

  • KPMG’s Tom McGinness asks are family businesses role models for the future of work?

  • No one is better equipped to take the reins of transformational leadership than family businesses, says KPMG partner Tom McGinness.

  • With 2022 holding out the prospect of growth and relatively greater stability than recent years, KPMG partner Tom McGinness anticipates a few key subjects on the family business agenda.

  • In a post-pandemic world, many new opportunities and challenges lie ahead for family-owned businesses and business families.

  • In the space of one year, social awareness has escalated and brought the world together in dealing with the health, financial and commercial impact of Covid-19. The way businesses work has changed. How they engage with other people has changed. Their expectations of the companies with whom they choose to do business have grown and intensified.

  • The impact of Covid-19 was felt almost immediately in most industries and regions of the world. We believed that the first indicator of the impact of Covid-19 on family and non-family businesses would be reflected in their revenue and that proved to be correct.

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