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  • Selwyn Parker analyses why institutional investors are starting to appreciate the family business ownership model

  • Wealthy families around the world may appear to be facing a barrage of tax increases, but there is positive news if you look carefully, writes Selwyn Parker.

  • There are many options open to family offices on how to manage wealth, but in today’s climate it’s all about simplicity

  • After a turbulent year for family wealth, Selwyn Parker assesses the situation that families face, the threats and opportunities that exist and what the experts are recommending

  • Family offices are facing a period of upheaval and uncertainty. However, the crisis may provide just the catalyst the industry needed to refine services, reassess investment and regain some commonsense

  • At first glance any relationship between the bankruptcy of mass automaker General Motors and that of family-owned coach-builder Wilhelm Karmann seems remote. After all, publicly-owned GM went down with $172 billion in liabilities while Germany-based Karmann has collapsed into insolvency with practically zero debt.

  • Remember 2&20? Probably only too well. As most of the wealthy, private clients of asset management funds know, this was the base rate many were charged for the privilege of handing over their money.

  • First there was Battista the founder, then Sergio the son, next Andrea the grandson, and now the latter’s young brother Paolo. For nearly 80 years, successive members of Italy’s Pininfarina family have turned the car design and engineering firm into a national monument.

  • If you believe the OECD’s rhetoric, tax havens are about to collapse like a house of cards before the onslaught of a G20 determined to retrieve untold trillions of lost revenue. However, the death of tax-efficient jurisdictions and their historic rules on confidentiality is greatly exaggerated.

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