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  • Freixenet has been producing cava for most of the last century, yet the family has only recently transferred control to the second generation. Roderigo Amaral talks to family chairman Lluis Bonet Ferrer about being a next gen in his 60s

  • Brazil’s largest family-owned retail businesses have become acquisition targets for multinational players. Rodrigo Amaral spoke exclusively to three key families to find out how they plan to keep their companies in family hands

  • Serious conflict between the founder of one of Spain’s largest private, family-owned companies and his children has caused such instability that it stands on the brink of a listing, writes Rodrigo Amaral

  • Rodrigo Amaral meets the sixth-generation CEO behind one of Spain’s most successful family companies and examines the role an iconic symbol has played in its growth

  • A new study by an influential business school challenges the perception that, in Spain at least, the biggest and most successful companies cannot be owned or controlled by families, writes Rodrigo Amaral

  • Investing in distressed property can prove very lucrative, especially during a recession. The key is knowing the market, thinking long term and choosing the best location

  • Family-owned and run Combarro is one of Madrid's most celebrated seafood restaurants, and an obligatory stop for the lovers of the extreme variety of fish, molluscs, crustaceans and Jurassic animals that constitute such an important element of Spain's extraordinary food culture.

  • One family is dedicated to producing a little-known but top of the range Scotch whisky for the connoisseur. Rodrigo Amaral met with the family to discover their secrets

  • With families spread across many timezones and cultures, offshore banks are adapting to cater for their complex needs. Rodrigo Amaral explains how some banks offer tailor-made services to suit families and that, despite recent news stories, secrecy is their top priority

  • The family behind wine-maker Sogrape has battled through wars and acquisitions to produce of one of the world’s most popular wines. Rodrigo Amaral talks to third-generation chairman Fernando Guedes about the firm’s international strategy

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