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  • Will the Panama Papers mark a tipping point for families and their advisers? And what will families need to do to fend off public criticism?

  • The 21st-century family office executive needs a broad set of expertise beyond traditional tax, legal and investment skills. CampdenFB reports on what to look for in your next candidate

  • The Koffler Group, a US-based family office, has traditionally travelled light when it comes to debt, but Campden talks to the third-gen who has been fearless in making sure it now has a mixed bag of investments.

  • As the clamour for more financial transparency intensifies, offshore financial centres are having to adjust. What does this mean for these centres – and what should family offices know about the changes?

  • Ask Geoffroy Dedieu how family offices should invest and you’re likely to get a long and passionate response. Dedieu, who heads the UK-based family office of one of Nigeria’s wealthiest individuals, Theophilus Danjuma, reckons not just family offices, but all investors should invest directly in underlying assets when they can.

  • In these less than certain times, getting risk management right is harder than ever. Campden looks at the challenges family offices face.

  • Family offices successfully lobbied to change the Dodd-Frank Act. Is this the start of an effective family office lobbying movement? CampdenFB reports.

  • Family office technology has come a long way since the days of spreadsheets. Paul Golden looks at family offices’ move towards cloud computing, outsourcing and customised software.

  • Family offices and hedge funds don’t have an awful lot in common, except that they both tend to be small outfits. But these days small no longer means irrelevant and most people agree that hedge funds, however many they employ, ought to be regulated. 

  • Anything involving families is a recipe for dispute, and family offices are no exception. Most often, the dispute revolves around whether a family office should stick with being a single family office, or branch out and become a multi family office.

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