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  • Empire, A Tale of Obsession, Betrayal and the Battle for an American Icon,
    by Mitchell Pacelle, John Wiley & Sons Inc

  • With the creation of so many new family businesses in the past 20 years, there is a greater demand for specialist education in the field. Luckily for family business members, the academic world is responding with more programmes specifically targeted at the sector

  • Six Feet Under, television series, HBO

  • Selling the family business can be an emotionally taxing experience but vital for the future health of the company. However, private owners should consider the reasons for the sale before deciding on the best route

  • Increasingly, family business members expect a far more specialist knowledge in asset management from their advisors and it is up to the potentional advisors to be able to supply relevant and informed advice, taking into account their client’s individual needs

  • It is no longer just the larger institutions dominating the commercial property investment sector. There has been a significant increase in private investors making long-term investments in commercial property. Here, we explain some of the reasons for this and offer a few tips on those considering it as an option

  • Senior level recruitment from ‘outside’ the family enterprise can be one the most risky yet important decisions a business has to make. Here, we discuss the issues, illustrated by some experiences from candidates, employers and a specialist recruitment agency

  • One cannot help feeling a little sceptical of the recent publication, Quarter-life Crisis (Bloomsbury, 2001), by Alexandra Robbins and Abby Wilner.

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