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  • Family offices talk a lot about club deals, but are they really happening, or just figments of fund managers’ imaginations? Campden reports. 

  • So, farewell then, Nokia. Well, not quite. But the absorption of the Finnish mobile phone giant by Microsoft was a big moment in the story of its decline. It is probably a matter of time before the name is history. 

  • The third-generation CEO of the Marti hotel business is known to Istanbul’s clubbers as DJ Red Owl. 

  • The eighth generation brothers who run Aspall Cyder see their product as a rival to champagne. CampdenFB speaks to them about the black art of cider-making and taking advice from maharajahs.

  • It's official; the west is in decline – as proved by Windows 8. The human race is devolving at a rate of knots into a mess of progress anxiety. 

  • Entrepreneur Lara Tarakjian and her brother are definitely smooth operators – they made their fortune with a chain of 20 laser hair-removal clinics in the Middle East.

  • There's some things about business you just can't teach, and family businesses culture is one of them – which is why you should appreciate your next gens.

  • Next gen education is all the rage these days, and rightly so. But some are breaking away from the classroom-based approach and are testing youngsters, not to mention giving their confidence a boost. 

  • Security has long been on the radar of wealthy families, especially for those who remember the chilling spate of kidnappings in the 1970s and 1980s in Europe. So what steps can you take to protect your loved ones?

  • Economists are the crystal-ball gazers of our age, but number-crunching isn’t always the best way to make predictions.

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