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  • A decade-old, blockchain technology is facing an inflection point. A few years ago it was easy to find people who were evangelically enthusiastic about it. A 2015 World Economic Forum survey of more than 800 executives and experts from the information and communications technology sector found the majority believed that by 2027, 10% of global GDP would be stored on blockchain technology.

  • Search funds have gained prominence in the US and are gathering steam in other parts of the world. Why have they caught the attention of family businesses and family offices? Jeremy Hazlehurst reports

  • A brewery may seem an unconventional playground for a child, but Warsteiner’s ninth-generation CEO Catharina Cramer practically grew up at the family business.

  • Forget attending packed auctions and phone bids, buying a top-end collectible is now just a click away. 

  • When Giovanni Castiglioni's father died in 2010 he left a massive legacy - and the seemingly impossible job of turning round the legendary motorbike brand MV Agusta. In just three years, Giovanni has done it.

  • Many investors were happy to pay over the odds for shares in Japanese drinks business Suntory, safe in the knowledge the founding Saji family – renowned for their business acumen – were steering the ship. But what if the next generation decide to take a step back from management? CampdenFB reports.

  • He started his career in the petrochemical firm his father founded, but when Ben Walters, 38, moved to Shanghai to set up an office he started a rather different business – selling sneakers based on the classic Chinese construction worker’s Liberation shoe. 

  • The family behind the international budget fashion chain H&M have always had style – second gen Stefan Persson might not have changed much since this photo was taken, but sons Thomas and Karl-Johann have grown up and taken prominent – but very different – roles at the family business. 

  • Fortunes are made in recessions, so the saying goes. But they are cemented at the start of a recovery. 

  • Most global equity markets have recovered sharply in the last year, but that doesn’t mean family offices are piling in, as many of them still remain wary of risk. Campden reports. 

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