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  • The financial crisis has had an unexpected consequence for family offices; they are able to tap into a rich vein of talented out-of work individuals. But does this help or hinder the recruitment process?

  • The last few months have seen a sustained flight into cash by those charged with managing the money invested by family offices.

  • Campden FB noted the potential of wine as an investment this summer, but it remains a newsworthy topic and worthwhile investment says James Moore.

  • With the media abuzz with calls for "fiscal stimulus" packages to pull the world out of what could possibly become the worst slump in half a century, why should you worry about tax planning?

  • With property markets in freefall, where does this leave the family estate asks James Moore

  • Over the past few decades family offices have largely been able to go about their business well under the media's radar. Unfortunately, in today's world that is a view that looks increasingly anachronistic, if not downright foolish.

  • Once a family has its real estate portfolio in place, it faces the issue of ownership. Should it be owned by the family or the company? James Moore asks how this issue can affect family dynamics and how it can easily be resolved

  • In this in-depth look at hedge funds, families can learn how to set up and manage a fund, seek out third party providers and get insight into which trends to watch during the year. James Moore starts things off with advice on gaining access to exclusive funds

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