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  • It’s not just the financial losses, or the depth and breadth of this worldwide recession that is keeping many private business owners up at night – it’s the uncertainty.

  • Imagine Saddam Hussein, Karl Marx and Thomas Jefferson as co-owners of a family business. What might that company look like? And how would it function? François M de Visscher explains how it might just resemble the family business of the future …

  • Many family businesses that made the decision to go public several decades ago have been disappointed. François de Visscher explains why, though a complex and risky path, going private could be for the long-term benefit of the business

  • How does a business-owning family renew a sense of ambition and drive in successive generations? Francois deVisscher looks at how entrepreneurs can instil a confidence and taste for risk-taking by introducing the next generation to philanthropic activities

  • As the family business expands it is not enough to rely on informal governance procedures. An official family governance structure will ensure business’ continuity – and could prevent another corporate scandal, says François de Visscher

  • Family businesses never had it so good since private equity investors realised they are an extremely lucrative investment option. But don’t jump in, says François de Visscher, do your research and make sure you choose the right partner for your particular business

  • A formal dividend policy can help family businesses avoid disputes and to allocate the rewards at regular intervals. But there are pitfalls and a flexible policy that is tailored to the needs of the shareholders is the best bet for success, writes François de Visscher

  • The globalisation of world economies means many family businesses must grow strategically to survive. More often than not, the growth capital requirements of the family firm clash with the liquidity and control needs of the family shareholders. What to do? Francois de Visscher explains

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