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  • Jim, aged 66, is the founding entrepreneur of a successful manufacturing company, with annual sales of $200 million, and has gradually transferred ownership of the business to the second generation. All five siblings, each employed in the company, will eventually own 20% of the business. Apart from their comfortable home, local farmland and $500,000 invested conservatively, all the assets of Jim and his wife Beth have been re-invested in JB Enterprises.

  • Founded in 1947 with the $15,000 George had received from his first patent, the business had, by 2001, changed an entire farming industry. Located in a small rural American mid-western town, the company was a local showcase and object of pride.

  • Red Rocket is a $150 million manufacturing and distribution company located on the outskirts of a major American city. The company’s focus is the manufacturing and distribution of children’s toy cars, trucks, ambulances, and helicopters etc.

  • The Builder family is a large clan that is well-known in the Middle East as successful experts in resort development and management. The patriarch of the family, Ahmet Builder, is a classic example of a ‘self-made’ man.

  • Henry bought Able & Sons Construction 30 years ago after his father died unexpectedly of a heart attack. Henry grew his father’s business to $80 million in annual revenues, expanding into building churches and government buildings.

  • Jack Johnson had a problem. As chairman of Vital Enterprises, a health food wholesaler, he had never been close to the business, always content to let his founder-brother Dave run things.

  • Both sides of a three-generation manufacturing business have been to see the corporate attorney to end their business arrangement. Neither branch of the family wanted to be tied to the other any longer financially.

  • Fouad (Fred) H is a self-made man. He arrived in Montreal from Lebanon in the late 1950s at the age of 23 with $150 in his pocket and a pregnant wife, Nieves, whom he met while on vacation in Spain.

  • Clements is a third generation family business which manufactures specialised tools for the construction industry.

  • Jean Duval had mixed feelings as he left the family meeting and drove back home.

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