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  • Some see it as a duty, some see it as essential to creating a legacy, some just love to do it. Whatever the motivation, philanthropy is as popular as ever. It doesn’t mean that it is simple, however. Here we look in-depth at the biggest challenges in philanthropy today …

  • While investors worry whether to reduce their allocation to real estate and commodities, one segment holds no such concerns. Families in Business showcases investments of passion: from art to wine and everything in between...

  • The credit crunch is at the fore of most investors’ minds at present, but how are they and their portfolios coping? Families in Business chaired a roundtable discussion at the Family Investment Workshop in London to find out

  • Families in Business asked the next generation to tell us their views on the future and how they see themselves and their family. Do you know what the next generation of your family really thinks about you and your business? Read on to find out…

  • Next gens from all over the globe are joining their family business or holding a prominent position within the company. Families in Business takes a look at some of the most notable next gens who are making the headlines today

  • Members and owners of family businesses are among the wealthiest people on the planet. Families in Business takes a look at the wealthiest top 10 and analyses how they came to be there

  • Families in Business chaired a roundtable discussion at the Family Business Conference in Miami to find how businesses in Latin America are tackling globalisation, what the term “family business” means to them and what role the next generation is playing

  • Families in Business chaired a roundtable discussion at the European Family Office Conference in London to find out the true function of a family office, what services it can provide for the family and what the experts learned from their own experience

  • Tax and succession planning for family business owners is a constantly evolving area, where new developments can have serious consequences. Families in Business highlights the most recent tax changes in relation to trusts around the globe

  • Families in Business chaired a roundtable meeting at Campden’s Families in Business conference in Bahrain to get a Middle Eastern perspective on transferring the family business from one generation to the next

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