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  • “The world of finance hails the wheel over and over again, often in a slightly more unstable version.” Wise words from the late economist John Kenneth Galbraith, but is there any alternative to this wheel of finance? 

  • John Elkann heads one of the world’s biggest conglomerates. But he wants to be more than just another boss of a big multinational. He wants to change the world. CampdenFB reports.

  • What is it with family offices these days? They appear to be everywhere. But are they really family offices or just private banks in family offices' clothing? The new vogue for the title "family office" could be undermining the credibility of the model. 

  • A group of senior London-based financiers have come together to form a new multi family office designed to more closely align the interests of the partners with those of its clients.

  • Is maximising shareholder value and the application of rational economic theory the best way to organise the private sector in the 21st century? 

  • Control of tyre company Pirelli is being disputed by one of Italy’s most influential businessmen in a protracted fight that has also brought to the fore the often murky structure of the holding companies that prevail at many family businesses throughout the country.

  • Italy’s Agnelli family has sold its stake in inspection and verification business SGS to Belgium’s richest man Baron Albert Frere, in a deal that underlines the links between some of the world’s wealthiest business families.

  • Switzerland has a foundation for every 650 people, but what is it that makes it such an important centre for them?

  • Poison pills are back in the news. But are they as sinister as the term suggests? Not necessarily if you are a family business.

  • Swiss banks are coming to terms with a world with less banking secrecy. But are they adapting fast enough to a public that wants more transparency?

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