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  • A few exceptions aside, what is striking about many of Canada's largest family businesses is that they are little known abroad. While these domestically-focused firms have been striving so far, it remains to be seen how they will perform if Canada's economy trips up.

  • As an eleventh-gen family member and long-time head of the M DuMont Schauberg Group, Alfred Neven DuMont was one of the Germany's most important post-war newspaper publishers.

  • The digital revolution is changing the way family businesses operate, but tensions can develop when younger executives rush to enter the virtual frontier against the wishes of their more tentative elders. How can companies manage these differences to avoid disputes in the boardroom – or over the dinner table?

  • Education is one of the top causes that wealthy families donate to globally, with many high-profile examples of significant donations being made to tertiary institutions. But is donating to a top university or your alma mater beneficial for society as a whole, or just an elite few? 

  • Looking for education initiatives beyond the traditional tertiary sector, but not sure where to direct your efforts? Popstar-turned-philanthropist shows one way to affect change in education from the ground up

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