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  • How the Mexican billionaire Servitje family raised Grupo Bimbo into a multinational bakery product manufacturing giant that produces 13,000 products across 100 brands in 32 countries in less than 80 years.

  • The Mexican economy may long have had difficulties in achieving brisk growth, but that has not stopped the nation’s largest family businesses from forging ahead and, in some cases, becoming world leaders. Daniel Bardsley takes a look at this land of extremes and where families fit in

  • Family businesses in Spain played a vital role in helping to limit the sharp rise in unemployment during the country’s prolonged slump, and are now seeing their fortunes improve as the economy continues to recover

  • Serving two masters can be a recipe for disaster, yet many large family businesses operate successful two board systems which separate the daily management from a supervisory board with a broader mandate. Is a supervisory board right for your family business? Or is the added level of decision-making a hindrance? Daniel Bardsley reports

  • Jim Burns, head of KKR’s Individual Investor Business, speaks to CampdenFBabout annual financing decisions, the rising awareness of alternative funders, and generational differences towards capitalising the family business

  • The funding attitudes and practices of family businesses in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific are changing in the wake of the global financial crisis a decade ago. Daniel Bardsley examines the latest research by Campden Wealth in partnership with KKR and asks what these new trends mean for family business growth

  • Blind panic may be the first response to a cyber-attack, but family businesses and family offices need not fear if they follow training and a steady response. Three cyber experts at Schillings tell Daniel Bardsley how to react

  • With second homes needing to make sense both as investments and as great places to live, what do the world’s most sought-after locations have to offer?

  • After three decades of working as a fifth-generation member of the business that founded and still owns the C&A clothing retail chain, family entrepreneur Stephen Brenninkmeijer turned to impact investing. He discusses funding and supporting promising ventures with a social mission.

  • How does a fifth-generation member of one of Europe’s most notable family businesses continue its long tradition of social consciousness? By launching a second career as an impact investing pioneer. Daniel Bardsley reports.

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