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  • When the Duke of Sutherland recently announced he would sell the two Titians out of his collection, art investors and collectors immediately started salivating. Combined, the two works could fetch upwards of €370 million.

  • Bruce Love looks at the security risk facing some family businesses and looks at the firms that offer some credible solutions

  • Many of us spend time bemoaning the sticky fingers of activist investors, with their meddling manipulation of family businesses. The intrusive nature of outside influences trying to affect change on age-old companies is a issue families.

  • The July/August issue of Families in Business features an in-depth look at investments of passion. In this exclusive preview, Bruce Love talks to film investment fund founder Francesco Juilland about his passion for film and how he has made it into a shrewd investment.

  • American football devotees will no doubt be aware of the present turmoil engulfing the Pittsburgh Steelers ownership. And many other family business owners may well get a feeling of déjà vu

  • Irrigation entrepreneur Edwin J Hunter was already a leading pioneer in his field when he set up Hunter industries with his three children. Now, the Hunters are faced with twin challenges of implementing a family council and getting the next generation on board, as Bruce Love finds out

  • When Filippo and Maria Casella began their new life in Australia they could not have envisaged “Casella” becoming a household name. Bruce Love finds out how the family’s Yellowtail brand is already well on the way to reaching this milestone

  • You are holding in your hand the very last edition of Families in Business in its present state. There is a buzz around the offices here at Campden as we prepare to relaunch this fine magazine as Campden FB – the magazine for families in business.

  • It’s long been the case that if you put three economists together you will get nine opinions. With no clear idea how badly the current sky high prices will impact a distinctly shaky global economy, those nine have probably multiplied

  • Soedarpo Sastrosatomo had a fascinating life that included politics, war and the formation of Indonesia’s largest shipping company. His daughter, Shanti, talks to Bruce Love about her father’s life and her role in continuing his businesses

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