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  • Foundations have traditionally been the preserve of Liechtenstein and Panama, but new laws have created an emerging market for foundations in white-listed jurisdictions

  • Family offices have been hit hard by the collapse of once reputable institutions and the exposure of fraudulent financial schemes. The question now is how to mitigate risk in the future and invest again with confidence?

  • Offshore centres around the world are being vilified by the OECD and the EU, but what are the facts?

  • When should you move your trust from one country to another and what’s the easiest way to do it?

  • Offshore financial centres around the world are becoming increasingly popular for wealthy families to invest in. Bob Reynolds highlights some of the more popular offshore centres and how their individual strengths can suit the wealthy business family

  • Running a large property and historically
    important landholding is a sizeable task in
    anybody’s language. Jonathan Lucas talks to Bob Reynolds about the principal challenges he faces and diversification into deer farming

  • Family businesses have always had their principles and integrity as part of the drive behind their business. Now that corporate responsibility has spread throughout the business world, Bob Reynolds examines the effect of SRI

  • If you want to consult the manager of your Swiss bank account in the future where would you go? Zurich, Geneva or Bern? The answer, increasingly, is Singapore, says Bob Reynolds, and the Swiss banking fraternity has been put under considerable pressure to compete

  • Changes to the structure and diversity of trusts offered by offshore financial services centres aim to close loopholes and protect the client. Bob Reynolds looks at how this has prompted other jurisdictions to tighten policy, improve services and boost uptake

  • The shape of Swiss private banking has dramatically emerged from a period of eclipse. Bob Reynolds discovers that the two biggest players intend to use aggressive strategies to attract new money

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