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  • Investors face one of the most complex market environments in history, says Ruffer LLP investment director Alexander Chartres.

  • China’s bid for global power, climate change and the transition away from fossil fuels are three of the defining megatrends of our time. Collectively, they promise generational upheaval. But decades of peace and stability have left markets, politics, economies and societies complacent and vulnerable. It’s going to get bumpy says Ruffer LLP investment director Alexander Chartres.

  • Four interlinked areas deserve the attention of long-term investors: greater geopolitical instability; the digital revolution; domestic political changes in the advanced economies; and the rise of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations.

  • “Value investing is dead! Warren Buffet knows nothing! Long live drawing random Scrabble tiles out of a bag to pick stocks!”

    So says day-trading Twitter star Dave Portnoy and his army of fellow sports fans-turned stock speculators. Portnoy’s logic? Stocks always go up, courtesy of Federal Reserve stimulus.

  • World order has never been so complex for investors. The US and China have entered a new phase of long-term strategic global competition. America has moved decisively from engagement to containment of China’s technological, economic and military power. Globalisation has created new arenas for renewed ‘Great Power’ competition: financial markets; cyber and outer space; technology; the corporate world. As world order bifurcates, investors are on the front line. 

  • The era of monetary dominance is over. Helicopter money signals investment regime changes ahead.

  • Great power conflict has been rendered obsolete by the relentless advance of globalisation, material prosperity and the triumph of reason. So argued Norman Angell in The Great Illusion, published in 1910.

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