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Campden Wealth, in association with Advent Software, has launched an interactive video which aims to offer families and family offices an introduction to technology and how it can enhance the performance of their office. Click on the image to the left.

Family ownership is a big factor in the success of the luxury consumer sector, which has rebounded sharply since the credit crisis, according to a leading analyst, writes Marc Smith.

Billionaires might be lining up in the US to join the so-called Gates pledge initiative, but so far it has little support outside of America, writes Katie Barker.

When family-controlled industrial group Schaeffler shocked world markets by announcing it was launching a hostile takeover bid for tyre-maker Continental in 2008, few gave them much hope of pulling it off, writes Marc Smith.

When the recently elected British prime minister David Cameron was in the US last week he avoided a photo opportunity with one of the country’s most prominent company leaders, writes David Bain.

The offspring of wealthy business owners, or next gens, are facing potentially embarrassing tax demands as they inherit offshore bank accounts from deceased parents, writes Katie Barker.

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