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Governance : Philanthropy

Big business is getting its hands dirty in the name of charity, forming companies whose specific goals are to benefit mankind, all while making a profit. David Nicholson examines the brave new and sometimes controversial world of “for-profit” philanthropy

Governance : philanthropy

Philanthropy is changing, and for the better. With billionaires setting a new standard in how their wealth can positively impact others, the world is set to become a better place. Sam Davis III and Dennis Jaffe discuss the thinking behind strategic philanthropy

Governance : philanthropy

Business-owning families are becoming savvier all round. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of philanthropy, where families are not only giving more, but giving more wisely. Andy Rosenbaum investigates the latest trends in giving

Research carried out on other primates has shown that humans experience a powerful biological reaction for empathy. This means philanthropy should work best when our actions are directly linked to our natural compassionate energy, reports Tonya Hoffman

As family businesses shift their emphasis from building businesses to building philanthropic networks, Charles Raymond, managing director and philanthropic adviser for Citigroup’s Global Wealth Management Group tells Families in Business about the new trends

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