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A few years ago it was possible that “Anheuser-Busch acquires InBev” would have been the headline announcing the consolidation of the global beer industry as the American brewer was the industry's most recognised brand

American football devotees will no doubt be aware of the present turmoil engulfing the Pittsburgh Steelers ownership. And many other family business owners may well get a feeling of déjà vu

Opportunities for social climbing while shopping have never looked this good. While sales of expensive jewellery now take place outside the boutique, knowing your jeweller up close has become a dinner party topic all of its own.

Last month certainly sent a shudder through many, investors when the dreadful sales figures from some retailers and builders rammed home the effect of what has been developing over the past few months

You are holding in your hand the very last edition of Families in Business in its present state. There is a buzz around the offices here at Campden as we prepare to relaunch this fine magazine as Campden FB – the magazine for families in business.

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