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World family business brand values increase

Family business Toyota shot up almost one-third in its brand portfolio value to $55.3 billion this year, in the latest annual evaluation of the world’s most powerful brands.

Family business Toyota shot up almost one-third in its brand portfolio value to $55.3 billion this year, in the latest annual evaluation of the world’s most powerful brands.

The Japanese company owned by the Toyoda family grew by 30% to become the fifth fastest growing portfolio of brands, according to branded business valuation and strategy consultancy Brand Finance.

However, fellow auto family business Volkswagen saw the biggest drop in the table this year, down from sixth place last year to 23rd. Controlled by the German Porsche and Piëch families, Volkswagen’s portfolio value dropped 36% to $42.2 billion in the wake of the emissions test scandal.

Electronics family business Samsung, controlled by South Korea’s Lee family, fell one place to the third spot with just a slight 2% year-on-year decline in portfolio value to $83.1 million.

The Walmart owning Waltons, the richest family in the US, climbed one place to fourth, with a 7% year-on-year jump in brand value to $77.5 million.

Other high-ranking family businesses in the top 100 most valuable brand portfolios included the century-old Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW), owned by Germany’s Quandt family. The auto manufacturer was ranked 24th, up noticeably from 19th last year. BMW’s brand portfolio value was $41.5 million, an 8% improvement in value on 2015.

Comcast, the 53-year-old American media conglomerate controlled by the Roberts family, stepped up one to 29th place. Its brand value was $34.4 million, up by 14%.

L'Oreal heiress Liliane Bettencourt, right, and L'Oreal chief executive Jean-Paul AgonHowever, the 107-year-old French cosmetics empire L’Oreal, fell from 32nd place last year to 37th this year, with a portfolio value of $31.6 million, a drop of 10%.

The total value of the table was $3.2 trillion, half of which was from the 44 US companies, with a combined value of $1.68 trillion. A total of 14 Chinese companies featured in the table, making it the country with the second highest number of portfolios. They came to $347 billion of the total sum.

A total of nine European Union countries made the table and were home to 29 brands, nine of which were based in the United Kingdom – more than any other European country.

Nestlé’s portfolio had the most number of brands, with more than 500 valued at $66.6 billion.

The fastest growing portfolio this year was the Agricultural Bank of China, with a value of $32.3 billion after enjoying 42% growth.

Brand Finance said Chinese banks performed well on brand equity measures such as familiarity, consideration, recommendation and preference as a result of investing in their brands.

“It must be noted that none of the Chinese portfolios in the table dropped in value,” the consultancy said.


Top 20 Most Valuable Brand Portfolios (Family Businesses in Bold)

Rank 2016     Rank 2015     Parent Co                            Country                 Value 2016 ($M)

1                      1                          Apple Inc                            US                          145,918

2                      3                         Alphabet Inc                       US                          99,046

3                      2                         Samsung Group            South Korea   81,716

4                      5                         Walmart Stores Inc    US                         77,523

5                      4                         Microsoft Corp                    US                         74,121

6                      11              Inc                US                         69,642

7                      9                         Nestle                                    Switzerland        58,300

8                      7                         Verizon Comms Inc          US                         63,116

9                      8                         AT&T Inc                             US                         59,904

10                    16                      Toyota Motor Corp      Japan                55,285

11                    10                       Procter & Gamble Co         US                          54,668

12                    12                       PepsiCo Inc                          US                          53,169

13                    N/A                   Philip Morris Int                US                          52,734

14                    17                       Johnson & Johnson         US                          50,651

15                    15                       China Mobile Ltd               China                    49,864

16                    13                       Coca-Cola Co                       US                         48,301

17                    25                       Wells Fargo & Co               US                         44,170

18                    21                       JP Morgan Chase              US                         43,549

19                    18                       Walt Disney Co                  US                          43,458

20                    N/A                  McDonald’s Corp               US                          42,937

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