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Telecoms, vaccine and energy innovations at next funds and direct Investments webinar

Qualifying family offices and private investors will hear exclusive proposals from a sky-high telecoms vehicle, a next-gen cancer and Covid therapeutic, a sports betting platform and a low-cost tidal electricity generator, at the 9th virtual Campden Wealth Funds & Direct Investments Event on 15 April.

Qualifying family offices and private investors will hear exclusive proposals from a sky-high telecoms vehicle, a next-gen cancer and Covid therapeutic, a sports betting platform and a low-cost tidal electricity generator, at the 9th virtual Campden Wealth Funds & Direct Investments Event on 15 April.

Each of the four investment opportunities will be introduced in 15-minute slots to all family offices and investors who will be able to ask questions and discuss the potential.


Avealto Ltd is a UK company in the final stage of developing a High Altitude Platform (HAP) vehicle, optimised to provide telecom and data infrastructure services to unserved or underserved regions of the world.

Walt Anderson, founder and chief executive, will explain how Avealto has identified an existing $26 billion dollar market where its HAP vehicles can provide a lower cost and higher quality service.

The latest improvements in the efficiency of batteries and solar cells have made it possible to create a fleet of commercially viable HAP vehicles to provide services at very high margin.

Formed in 2013, Avealto says it has a motivated and highly experience management team which has delivered exceptional returns to investors in prior telecom startups. Avealto is now raising the funds to set up factory operations in the UK and to build a Concept Demonstrator vehicle which is a milestone for customer acquisition and larger scale investment.


Founded in 2017 by Dr Werner Tschollar and Prof Dr Dr Guy Ungerechts, CanVirex is a Swiss next-generation immunotherapeutics company developing a platform technology for the treatment of cancer and for vaccination against infectious diseases.

Werner Tschollar, chief executive and chairman, and Peter Stangier, head of data sciences, will explain how CanVirex is raising CHF 12 million ($12.8 million) from private individuals and family offices for the development and clinical translation of its Covid-19 vaccine as well as its lead oncology candidate. The company says it expects this to be the last financing round before a lucrative partnership or trade sale with a big pharmaceutical company.

Sars-CoV-2 has evolved and will continue to evolve, highlighting the need for polyvalent second-generation vaccines with improved robustness to genetic variations. CanVirex’s platform technology is ideally suited to overcome the limitations of first-generation Covid-19 vaccines, the company says.

The vector technology is based on the common measles virus vaccine that has proven to be one of the safest and most effective human vaccines in more than 50 years of clinical reporting. As such, measles-vectored immunotherapeutics have demonstrated highly promising therapeutic potential for multiple cancer entities. CanVirex is targeting a commercial transaction with returns on investments after positive phase II data for its lead candidates.


Completely uncorrelated to the stock market with A 10+ year track record, returning an average of 28% per annum since inception, the global sports betting market is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world, Holdun says.

The Holdun Falcon 5 Fund is a Sports Betting Platform developed to bet on the results of the Top 50

Football Leagues across the globe. This algorithm–based platform is programmed to analyse historical data trends together with the latest performance research on teams and individual players.

Phil Stewart, chief development officer for the Bahamas and Cayman Islands-based firm, will explain that for those willing to take a calculated algorithmic approach, there are tremendous opportunities to exploit the marketplace inefficiencies displayed by the average sports bettor. Investors are currently overexposed to traditional assets, Holdun says. Falcon 5 offers the solution as it is completely uncorrelated to traditional stocks and bonds, adding a layer of protection to portfolios through diversification.

Tidal Sails

Tidal Sails is an independent, privately held closed corporation based in Norway which brings to market a ground-breaking technology to extract kinetic energy from slow moving currents. The venture combines the ancient principles of ocean sailing with state-of-the-art alpine ropeway technology to generate low cost electricity.

Tidal Sails’ fourth-generation "BeamReach" enables rated power and peak shaving from 3knots, while its competitors only produce 10%, at three-times the cost per installed megawatt, Tidal Sails says.

"The importance of capturing slow currents cannot be over emphasised, as the exploitable resource increases seven-fold per knot less required from the 5-7knots rated power by the competition."

Are Borgesen, founder, chairman and chief executive, will explain how the rig’s low cost and weight-to-capacity ratio harvests energy from a wide cross section of currents. Its slow-moving sails, situated 15m beneath shipping lanes, are harmless to diving birds, fish and sea mammals, the company says.

Tidal Sails has gained first market traction from Indonesian PT PLN, a state-owned energy company in a green transition, pending a full-scale technology demonstration in Norway.

Campden Wealth Webinar Series

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15 April, 2021

06:00-07:30 PDT, 09:00-10:30 EDT, 14:00-15:30 BST, 18:30-20:00 IST, 21:00-22:30 HKT

Registration is complimentary for all Campden Wealth, Institute for Private Investors and Campden Family Connect members.

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