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A taste of luxury

The latest issue of Families in Business includes a profile of three of the world's most glamorous restaurants (click here to read in full). Here are the recipes of some of their signature dishes.

La Grenouille Recipe:
Poularde Pochée
"Cloves and horseradish lend this classic French dish of poached chicken sophisticated spice."

1 Whole Chicken spiked with cloves
10 carrots (baby carrots or cut in olive shape)
Small pearl onions
10 small turnips cut in olive shape or small round turnips
12 leeks, white part only, cut in 3-inch pieces
2 pieces of celery
6 small potatoes cut in olive shape
1 green cabbage cut in half
Chicken stock
1 bouquet garni (thyme, tarragon and bay leaf)

Place the chicken in a large pan. Add the carrots, turnips, leeks, celery, potatoes, and cabbage. Cover the chicken and vegetables in chicken stock. Bring to a boil, and then skim the top. Cover and poach over low heat for about 40 minutes until chicken is tender.

Drain the chicken and vegetables and arrange on a hot platter with the chicken in the center. Serve with horseradish sauce and coarse sea salt "Sel de Guèrande" on the side

Horseradish sauce:
4 tbsp freshly grated horseradish, plus extra according to taste
1 cup cream consommé
1 cup cream
1 tbsp white breadcrumbs

In a saucepan, cook half the horseradish in one cup of cream consommé. Add the cream and breadcrumbs. Bring sauce to a boil, then strain through a cheese cloth. Add extra grated horseradish into sauce, stir, strain, and serve.

Enoteca recipe:
Composition of Garganelli with scampi, tomatoes, mint and saffron
A simple prawn and pasta dish is made luxurious with a hint of saffron.

For the Garganelli:
Egg pasta 400g

For the sauce:
Shelled scampi (prawns) 8
Sundried tomatoes 150g
Mint leaves 24
Saffron, a few pistils
Saffron-flavored oil
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper

Roll the egg pasta (basic recipe) into a very thin sheet, trim it to a regular shape, then cut it into squares about 3 cm per side. Roll each square on the pasta, to form the garganelli. Cook the pasta in boiling, salted water for about 3 minutes; drain and pass under running water to cool.

Meanwhile, brown the scampi in a drop of olive oil for 2-3 minutes.

Put the pasta, the scampi, and the sundried tomatoes on a plate. Garnish with the saffron pistils and mint leaves.

Top the dish with drops of saffron-flavored oil (prepared by heating a scant 10g of olive oil with 5 saffron pistils), or pour it in a fine thread over all of the ingredients.

Blue Elephant Recipe:
Green Papaya Salad (Som Tam)
A traditional salad with a mildly spicy seasoning, unripe papaya is firm-fleshed so make sure you slice it thinly.

(Make 1 serving)
70g unripe green papaya, peeled and grated into long, thin strips
1 clove garlic, peeled
5 green bird's-eye chillies
1/2 yard-long beans or French beans, cut into 2 cm/ ¾" pieces
1 tbsp roasted peanuts
1½ tbsp dried shrimps
3 cherry tomatoes, cut in half

The seasonings:
2 tbsp palm sugar
1½ tbsp fish sauce
1½ tbsp lime juice

In a mortar, roughly pound the garlic and chillies. Add the dried shrimps and pound until crushed. Add the beans, the peanuts and pound. Add the sugar, fish sauce and lemon juice and stir together. Add the tomatoes and press with the pestle. Add the papaya and stir until well mixed in. Remove to serving dish and served at the room temperature.

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