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Six reasons to join the Campden Wealth Family Alternative Investment Forum in London

Multigenerational business families of wealth from across Europe will gather in-person in London on 23-24 February 2022 for the leading 18th Campden Wealth Family Alternative Investment Forum.

Multigenerational business families of wealth from across Europe will gather in-person in London on 23-24 February 2022 for the leading 18th Campden Wealth Family Alternative Investment Forum.

Klaus Hommels (pictured), the founder of Hommels Holding and founding chairman of Lakestar, is one of Europe’s leading business angels and venture capitalists. Hommels will the chair an agenda-setting programme of expert keynote speakers and exclusive closed-door gatherings involving breakout sessions, roundtable debates and networking opportunities. All those elements will be centred around the theme, “Capturing Growth—Adapting your portfolio for a dynamic investment environment.”

Discover the six reasons why you should register to attend the forum:

1. Meet, share, learn, experience, with the absolute best in class.

Every year families are looking for more chances to network with and meet peers. And every year this forum is curated to bring together the absolute best in class family offices and private wealth holders from across Europe to share their knowledge and vision as we navigate this very competitive market. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just dipping your toes into the alternative space, this forum will have you walking away with a clear understanding on how to fine-tune your family office into a strategic alternative investor.

2. Learn how to maximise the opportunity presented by today’s high growth environment

Campden Wealth’s benchmarking Global Family Office Report 2021 has shown that 73% of European families have reports an increase in wealth over the last 12-months, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, and many are optimistic about the economic outlook for 2022. In order to best capture this growth, there has been a significant shift away from cash holdings and towards alternatives, from private equity to cryptocurrency, despite an increasingly competitive market. With long-term trends creating new opportunities to generate attractive returns, learn how family offices are adapting their portfolio to capitalise on these opportunities.

3. Ever thought about investing into a sports team?

Some of the most successful direct investment strategies go far beyond just the capital being invested. The ability to bring expertise, networks and complimentary businesses together results in stronger, more resilient portfolios that best capture the growth they are capable of. In this unique opportunity hear from the majority owners of Leeds United Football Club, Aser Ventures’ executive board member Massimo Marinelli, on their ambition to be the leading global investment platform in sports, media and technology.

4. Learn how to dive straight in

With the continued adoption of VC investments strategies, comes a reassessment of the risk appetite. From testing the waters with funds to co-investing alongside other families, to diving straight in to make direct allocations, the venture sector operates on shorter-term investment timelines then family offices are normally used to. So, as VC continues to change the family office investment landscape, hear from Robin Godenrath, founding partner and managing director of Picus Capital, on how they are navigating these risks to future-proof their portfolio.

5. Get prepared for the digital asset revolution

28% of European family offices have a toehold in cryptocurrency in the expectation that it might become a mainstream assets class. As the technology has matured and regulators have stepped in, whispers of crypto leading the charge in a digital asset revolution are being heard. With many promises and possibilities, is it no longer a question of whether crypto will go mainstream, but a question of when? If so, have you already this opportunity? Find out just how to get prepared for this digital asset revolution.

6. Gain insight into how your peers are executing their global, technological and impact driven priorities

Recent changes in how we work, live and move around have prompted new technologies, innovative business models, geopolitical shifts and emerging lifestyle choices. All of which are impacting previous, current and future investment opportunities. As they continue to emerge, find out which megatrends are truly here to stay, which are passing fads and how you can invest for the world of tomorrow, not just the world of today.

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