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Next gens, impact investing, and co-investment explored in 2017 Global Family Office Research

Family offices are invited to benchmark themselves on new research areas including next generation, co-investment and impact investing in this week’s Global Family Office Report 2017 (GFO Report) survey launch.

Family offices are invited to benchmark themselves on new research areas including next generation, impact investing, and co-investment in this week’s Global Family Office Report 2017 survey launch.

Now in its fourth year, the Global Family Office Report is the definitive review of the family office space—last year’s report surveyed 242 family offices, with average assets under management of $759 million, and in-depth interviews with 25 principals.

All participants in the survey will receive an exclusive copy of the Global Family Office Report 2017 in autumn and are being encouraged to complete the survey.

The landmark study provides benchmarking in these three new topics, alongside existing areas such as allocations, performance, costs, and insight into trends in family governance and philanthropy.

Dr Rebecca Gooch, director of research at Campden Wealth, said the new areas will highlight how families are making a success of co-investing and what next gens are likely to do with family wealth in coming years.

“Following last year's Global Family Office Report, we consulted the community and discussed the topics they'd like us to cover in more depth," she said.

"Co-investing and the next generation were the two themes our readers were most enthusiastic about. Therefore, we've dedicated two entirely new sections within the report to these new areas. We've also decided to expand our impact investing section to better understand the challenges of this fledgling area."

According to Dr Gooch, co-investing was one of the biggest puzzles of the Global Family Office Report 2016: more than half of family offices intended to increase their holdings, despite a year-on-year decrease in co-investment allocations. The new questions will allow the research team to identify the challenges that family offices face when investing together.

"When it comes to the next generation, we found in last year's study that 69% of family office respondents expect to undergo generational transition within the next 10-15 years," she said. "In the expanded section we hope to find out the current degree of next generation involvement in family offices as well as their action plans for the future."

Last year, the Global Family Office Report 2016 revealed how families are switching out of hedge funds and into private equity, the coming of age of impact investing (61% are active or expect to be) and the real extent of cyber-security breaches (15% have experienced breaches).

Other results detailed that attracting and maintaining the right talent was a major concern for family offices last year. It reported bonus structures for C-suite executives of between 30% to 45% of base salary, with the largest payouts as a percentage of salary occurring in North America.

Participation is entirely confidential and no identifiable details will be included in the final report. Participants must work within a single family office or multi-family office.

If you meet the criteria potential participants can register their interest by clicking here. The survey covers investments, costs, governance, and philanthropy.

If you have not yet read last year’s report, please get in touch via telephone, +44203 763 2800, or email, 

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