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New editions to our family

You are holding in your hand the very last edition of Families in Business in its present state. There is a buzz around the offices here at Campden as we prepare to relaunch this fine magazine as Campden FB – the magazine for families in business. It's a new look for us and a more compact sized magazine for you, but it's the same great read. We've been listening to you, dear reader, and from next issue onwards, we are continuing to hone our content and focus on the issues that are important to family businesses. You'll continue to see great interviews with your peers and even more expert opinion on issues such as governance, finance, philanthropy and the next generation. Look out for your copy of Campden FB this September.

And the Campden family is growing too. Now more than ever, the role of the family office is changing, and a platform to help exchange information, opinions and knowledge is crucial. To help family offices keep pace with the markets and the families they serve, we are launching a new magazine – Campden FO. Exclusively for family offices and close advisors, Campden FO is designed to help family offices manage their family's affairs with confidence and best practice. It aims to be the trusted voice for insight and analysis among the private advisors of the world's wealthiest people. Sign up now for your copy of Campden FO at

Our final Families in Business before the relaunch is a fascinating read. Editor Marc Smith brings you an exclusive interview with UK sporting brand guru Stephen Rubin in which he gives his views on the Olympics in China and his plans for some of the world's most famous sporting brands. We asked you what were your biggest problems in philanthropy and have gone to the experts for some sound advice. Also this issue, we run the gamut of investments of passion. From Stradivarius to Ferrari, from rare stamps to fine wines, we take a look at those investments that hold more than money alone.

See you in the next issue, in Campden FB.

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