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Life-improving healthcare solutions and funds at MedTech Investing Europe Conference

Migraine and cataract therapies and a transit solution for vaccines such as Covid-19 are among the new cutting-edge innovations to be presented in the virtual 30th MedTech Investing Europe Conference on 21-22 October, 2020.

Migraine and cataract therapies and a transit solution for vaccines such as Covid-19 are among the new cutting-edge innovations to be presented in the virtual 30th MedTech Investing Europe Conference on 21-22 October, 2020.

Campden Wealth organisers said attendees will be able to participate online and benefit from everything the MedTech Investing events normally offered—industry leading content, speakers from some of the world’s foremost investors and dedicated networking for both investors and presenting companies. Attendees were required to pre-register and will receive full details, access links and schedule in advance of the event.

A compelling roster of visionaries in life sciences, biotech and healthcare will join the meeting.

BFergal Ward, chief executive and co-founder of Capri-Medicalased in Dublin, Ireland, Capri-Medical was developing an injectable neurostimulation solution for chronic migraine patients. The Dublin-based company said migraine was more prevalent than diabetes, epilepsy and asthma combined, whereby chronic migraine affected about 2% or 140 million of the world's population. Chronic migraine was defined as a headache persistent for more than three months or a severe headache persistent for more than 15 days within a month.

“Injected into the trapezius neck muscle, the Luna-Stim implant provides on-demand therapy for patients while liberating patients from the significant side effects of pharmaceutical products,” the company said.

Capri-Medical was ranked second overall in the inaugural European Innovation Council programme where the Luna-Stim implant will begin human testing in 2021.

Fergal Ward (pictured above) is chief executive and co-founder of Capri-Medical.

Edinburgh Biosciences described itself as a disruptive technology leader working towards a global solution for the diagnosis and treatment of cataracts. The growing problem for an ageing population causes gradual lens opacity and, if untreated, eventual blindness.

“Despite growing waiting lists for surgery there are no quantitative diagnostic procedures available, nor any non-invasive treatments available,” the Scottish company said.

“But this is set to change thanks to Edinburgh Bioscience’s cutting edge developments in fluorescence and optoelectronics which will support a new generation of scientific instruments to meet these needs.”

The company developed a new light-based non-surgical treatment—photobleaching cataracts with a focussed LED. Following approval, the technology will move treatment from the operating theatre to the high street, opening up significant new markets for cataract therapy, Edinburgh Biosciences said.

Dr Graham Bell, chief executive of Edinburgh Bioscience

“This exciting innovation in cataract treatment has already proven very successful within in vivo model systems, with early results showing good efficacy and no tissue damage.”

Edinburgh Biosciences was now moving towards a crucial phase of development for its potentially ground-breaking treatment. Preparations were nearing completion and regulatory approvals were granted for clinical trials beginning in October 2020.

“Currently £13.4 billion ($17.4 billion) is spent worldwide on cataracts surgery so the commercial prospects for this new generation of scientific instruments—the only solution for quantitative diagnostics and non-invasive treatment—are clear,” Edinburgh Biosciences said.

The company said it held strong IP in six key global territories as it moved towards its goal of commercialisation of its technology. It had already secured £1.1 million ($1.4 million) in investor funding in the last six months alone.

Dr Graham Bell (pictured above), is chief executive of Edinburgh Bioscience.

Swiss Airtainer said it was working on resolving one of the biggest challenges for the pharma sector: full visibility of the conditions of transit, not least an upcoming Covid-19 vaccine. Headquartered in Payerne, the company was developing the first intelligent and compact air cargo container. As well as providing real time data via multi-sensors, it will generate its own energy to maintain temperature and, not least, reduce the CO2 footprint usually associated.

“Swiss Airtainer has been able to address all these issues by profoundly reinventing the temperature controlled air cargo container,” the company said.

“Upon approval of this new container in Q2 2021, it is expected to start first revenue generation next year.”

Eduard Seligman is the chief executive of Swiss Airtainer.

Vincent Brichard, a managing partner of Vianova Ventures

Vianova Ventures was a new fund focusing on biotech companies entering the clinical stage. It was launched by managing partners Vincent Brichard (pictured right), Jean-Paul Prieels and Jean Smal, who brought their executive experiences from GSK and Novartis. The healthcare investment company will share its vision for its biotech fund with investors at the MedTech Investing Europe Conference.

Vianova Ventures said it was uniquely positioned in its capability to source deals worldwide, to transfer the technology to bio-clusters in Belgium or surrounding countries, to manage companies’ portfolio, and to exit globally.

Its investment team of venture capitalists, biotech founders and pharma executives acted as lead investors with the ability to look for strong syndication partners.

“Beyond financial support to companies, Vianova Ventures gives support ‘in kind’, in a truly entrepreneurial and ‘hands-on’ approach, working in close collaboration with both management and the shop floor to steer the business in the right direction,” the company said.

It had the “experience to foster an industrial end-product’ view, developing a crystal-clear early-exit-enabling strategy from the start and anticipating the key requirements of large pharmaceutical companies."

Vianova Ventures said it had an extensive network of “top-tier academic, industry experts, large pharmaceutical companies and VC funds, facilitating sourcing and exits worldwide.”

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