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The family business world according to Royston

Royston, Campden FB's regular cartoonist, has been documenting the family business world and the issues that the magazine has covered since January 2007, writes Marc Smith. 

You can never underestimate the power of a cartoon to get straight to the heart of the matter and say succinctly what it can take several pages to explain. This was brought home to me when I attended one FBN annual summit and found Royston's cartoon from issue 33 (see below) as part of one CEO's presentation.

The Campden FB team has selected five of our favourite cartoons from the past three years for you to enjoy again. You can click on the individual image to enlarge and also click on the issue numbers to view all the articles from our archive. To ensure you don't miss out on any more, make sure you are subscribed to Campden FB for 2010. Click here to subscribe

Issue 33: social responsibility was a key theme running through this issue.


Issue 35: a focus on Latin America and the particular threats associated with running a family business prompted this cartoon.


Issue 36: the first issue of 2008 found space for a look into the hedge fund world and how families can best use them.


Issue 40: a focus on selling the family business,including the results of our online survey, threw up some interesting strategies.


Issue 42: philanthropy is always a popular topic, but this issue from earlier this year focussed on the role of the next generation.


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