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Campden Research launches global philanthropy study

Campden Research launch global philanthropy study

Campden Research has embarked on a project to analyse the opinions and attitudes of wealthy global families towards philanthropy. The study is designed to help families understand a range of their philanthropic concerns.

In association with Archimede, a Changing Our World company, the survey will explore the attitudes that drive the decisions and management of charitable giving within affluent families.

"The attitudes of ultra high net worth families towards philanthropy are changing dramatically, and there is now an increased level of sophistication on how to give," said Dominic Samuelson, managing director of Campden Research. "Donors now want to know more about what they are giving to and how they can become more engaged. Philanthropy and its impact has also become more about lifestyle choice; causes and values are often integrated into the way donors live their lives and interact with the wider community."

Samuelson said the comprehensive, cross-continental research project is the first study of its kind to involve participants from Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia.

"The survey is unique in its combination of mass attitudes and depth of information," he said.

The research is designed to explore attitudes and behaviours, as well as the philosophical and psychological motivations of significant financial families in relation to their charitable practices.

The global mass survey will examine attitudes based on regions, gender and generation, amongst other criteria. The second part of the study will utilise in-depth interviews. These will examine the more philosophical questions of philanthropy and examine the interaction between multiple generations within the same family.

The research is designed to provide families with an insight into the trends, opinions, ideas and challenges that are shaping philanthropy.

Contributors to the survey or interviews will be sent a copy of the final report once it has been released into the market. If you are a Families in Business reader and would like to participate in the study, please contact us

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