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Bacardi and Hardys: branding the family business

Case study: Bacardi and Hardys Wine Company on branding the family business
Two businesses that have recently launched marketing campaigns inspired by the families behind them are Hardys Wine Company and Barcardi:
Hardys-Five Generations of Devotion 
Hardys Wine Company
Why was the decision made to focus on the family heritage as part of the Five Generations of Devotion campaign?
There was extensive research conducted with loyal Hardys’ consumers around the campaign. A number of different platforms were explored, however we found that highlighting the family, history and heritage resonated by far the most with consumers. They really connected with the warmth of the idea, and also many expressed surprise that Hardys was actually a real family, stating that this definitely made them reappraise the brand.
How involved were the family in the campaign? 
Bill Hardy, fifth-generation Hardy family member, assisted us greatly by trawling through museum and antique objects in his family home and additionally helped suggest various family anecdotes and stories to help with the overall creative development.
What was the research process for finding out the Hardy family history?
It definitely helps having Bill Hardy on hand, and still heavily involved in the company as Hardy family brand ambassador. He has a huge wealth of knowledge, stories and anecdotes on the family, as well as a great archive of old company newsletters, wines and photos. 
Prior to the Five Generations of Devotion campaign, had Hardys marketing strategy focused much on the family’s role in the company? 
History and heritage have played a part in the strategy on and off for many years. However this most recent campaign really harnesses this and hones in on it, more than we have in the past five years. The idea is to do it in a way that isn’t just ‘romancing the pioneers of the past’ but in a way that is modern in its approach and cuts through and stands out versus other wine brands.  
What feedback have you received so far about the campaign? 
We have had positive anecdotal feedback from customers and consumers since the campaign has launched. In addition the Hardys brand is growing strong - up by 8.9%.   
How much has the campaign raised consumer awareness about the family’s role in the business? 
The wine trade and industry has long been aware of the involvement of members of the Hardy family in the company today - particularly current Hardys brand ambassador, Bill Hardy. This campaign has started sowing the seed with our consumers that the Hardy brand isn’t just ‘made up’, but in fact has a real family and proud history of winemaking behind it. The strategy in the medium - long term is to continue to reinforce this with our consumers.
Bacardí-Untameable since 1862
Dima Ivanov, chief marketing officer
Why was the decision made to focus on the Bacardí family as part of the Untameable campaign?
In Bacardí Untameable Since 1862 we’ve got an epic family story that’s decadently retold and remastered for a modern audience. This is a story of exile, of rebuilding after the distillery fire of 1880; of surviving several earthquakes; of inviting Americans to Cuba to bathe in Bacardí rum during prohibition; of thriving in spite of exile – going on to become the world’s most awarded rum and most awarded spirit.
How involved were the Bacardí family in the campaign?
Our chairman of the board, Facundo L Bacardí, is a fifth-generation family member. He and other family members have been highly invested in the creation of Bacardí Untameable Since 1862.
What was the research process for finding out the Bacardí family history?
We worked closely with our archives based in Miami. This incredible facility houses over 150 years of Bacardí history - it was really fascinating to explore. But the uniqueness of Bacardí is that we can just speak to the real family members of various generations. They keep preserving and passing on all real stories and memories from grandfathers to fathers to sons...
Prior to the Untameable campaign had Bacardí focused much on the family’s role in the company?
It had been touched upon within markets but never in such an integrated global fashion.
What feedback have you received so far about the campaign?
The campaign has generated huge excitement and energy in each market we’ve launched in. We feel that Bacardí Untameable Since 1862 has re-ignited the brand with a fresh, bold new direction that really speaks to consumers.
How much has the campaign raised consumer awareness about the family’s role in the business?
Bacardí Untameable Since 1862 has certainly raised the profile of the Bacardí family’s role in the business. For many consumers the fact that there is even a Bacardí family behind the Bacardí brand will be news to them

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