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John Fentener van Vlissingen, of BCD Holdings, is confident in the decision to bring in a non-family CEO when he steps down in May. It was a well-structured process and involved all the family

Kevin Chambers is Managing Director of Kevron Plastics Pty Ltd, of Melbourne, Australia. He runs the company in conjunction with his brother Ron. Kevron was started by their father Ernie (a native of London’s East End) in 1952 and the company has celebrated its 50th anniversary Golden Jubilee this past year with much fervour. Kevron manufactures a range of plastic ID products, (keytags, keytag racks, luggage tags, etc) and has been the dominant force in this sector of the Australian market for decades

It’s fun to be around people who care deeply about what they’re doing and helping them discover their own solutions to problems that threaten their family’s heritage is very rewarding indeed

Steel cord maker Bekaert has undergone a structural revolution in recent years as it has expanded into a global company and it was the family that initiated the change

Since its introduction on the stock exchange in 1984, AvH, one of the world’s largest dredgers, has developed a diversified portfolio based on sustainable profit growth and a long-term strategy

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